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March 23, 2014  •  2 Comments

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Me soaking in the views!There's no place I'd rather be than right here. Love, love, love the mountains.

March has been a very good month for me so far.  I have a lot to blog about; including a handful of weddings that have all been a blast to photograph as well as some night club work, so I'll be sure to post them in the next week or two.  This post, however, is all about me having fun.  It's crazy how fun photography is for me and how a break from my photography job usually consists of little personal photography missions.  My work is my escape and my escape is my work.  I'm so thankful for the opportunities I've had and hope and pray that I can continue this for a long time.  

Now -- to dive right in we'll start with a little side country hike off Kirkwood Mountain Resort with my friend Dave Brown.  

This winter in Tahoe has been dismal.   Governor Jerry Brown of California declared a drought state of Emergency in January while we were in the middle of the "driest years in recorded state history."  While I've still been waiting for that epic day out at Kirkwood, I decided to take advantage of the warm spring-like conditions and do some hiking.  Dave Brown is a local young shredder that lives and works out in Kirkwood so I hit him up for a hike to the California Chutes.  

Dave Brown appreciating a scale and magnitude of what's known as the "Cirque", from the top. Pondering his future lines in the free ride world tour?

Dave Brown laying into a turn.The snow was just beginning to soften up, but we were still about an hour early.

Dave Brown with a nose grab in the side country. Dave Brown, stalefish.

Dave Brown, Stalefish 2.

Me with a little drop on the way outI couldn't leave without doing something myself. Thanks Dave for the shot!


My brother Matt paid me a visit this past week as well.  I asked him to bring some guns so we could go shooting since the weather forecast called for more mild weather and sunny skies.  One of the things I love about Nevada is the fact that there are so many guns stores around.  We had to pick up some .357 ammo and didn't have to drive too far for it.  We picked up a hundred rounds to supplement our endless supply of .22 ammo and headed out to some forest land.  

The last time I went shooting with Matt was out in Ocotillo Wells back in January.  This trip, like the one before, ended up being a bit of a photo production again.  Since neither of us are hunters, shooting guns is more of an excuse to be in the middle of nowhere and have fun feeling the power of a good gun in your hand.  And, while we're at it take some photos of each other looking like a couple of bad asses -- Or at least attempt to in our case.  

Crime Scene InvestigationYou wouldn't believe what we came across!

Matt VarelaHero shot.

I had no idea we were expecting any weather other than clear skies all week. These clouds rolled in overhead with some scattered showers and definitely helped create the mood in these photos.  Clouds are a photographers best friend!

Jump around.It took a lot of failed attempts to get the jump right with the camera's timer.

Matt with the Gangdum style. I'm thinking about photoshopping in a donkey beneath him, and maybe a unicorn under me.

Matt Varela and a 357 MagnumThis was as close as we came to seeing the bullet come out of the barrel.

Me with a post-fire kick


These photos were a ton of fun.  Thank you Dave Brown for good times hiking -- I look forward to doing it again with some softer snow!  And thanks Matt, for being patient with me while I dork out with photography on your watch all the time.  Snow is coming for one last hurrah this upcoming week so hopefully I'll have something to show for it.  I just want some bottomless powder turns already!

Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful day!




Divided Line Photography
Thanks Dave!
D Brown(non-registered)
Dude! So sick!! The shots are awesome and great times to relive in the reading. Let's get out there again asap
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