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March Weddings

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Here are a few samples from most of the weddings I photographed in March.  One of the weddings not included in this post is Evan and Patricia's -- I'll be sharing their photos in the next couple weeks when their video is finished.  

So here we go (and these are in no particular order).

Donna & Robert

Donna and Robert had a small wedding with just three of their close friends.  The weather got pretty bad but that didn't stop them from heading outside for some photos.  I loved doing their photos because it was different from all the others.  They just wanted to have a good time and country attire was refreshingly untraditional.  Plus, they encouraged me to have a drink with them and... you know, I didn't want to be rude or anything.  It was a pleasure!



Natalie & Colin

I met with Natalie and Colin a couple days prior to go over some of the photo details and I knew it was going to be a fun wedding.  We had a drink at the bar to get to know one-another and I immediately discovered how fun and easy going they are.  I learned Natalie's favorite drink is a Manhattan and she could probably outlast me in any drinking game.  Pretty impressive for such a small figure.  Kudos Natalie.  They both love the snow and pictures outside were of the utmost importance for them (as well as their dog Saki).  And lucky enough it happened to be snowing pretty hard on their wedding day for what seemed like the first time all winter.  The wind was blowing pretty hard as well so the photos felt a bit like a fire-drill, but we toughed it out, endured the elements, and it was totally worth it.




 Tim and Bobbi

Tim and Bobbi had an intimate wedding with a few close family members in attendance.  They were both extremely easy to photograph which made my job really easy.  They're also just two really nice people and it was a total pleasure being apart of their day.  


Erin and Andrew

Erin and Andrew's wedding at the Ridge Tahoe was a lot of fun.  They had a ton of family and friends, and young ones as well, which made for a good group.  They had me booked for just an hour originally but they saw how fast that time goes by and decided to keep me an extra hour (Thank you Leslie).  I'm pretty sure they're glad they did because the photos taken in that extra time are most likely some of their favorites.  I took them outside on a balcony for some pictures and the light was perfect.  



Michael and Marlene

Mike and Marlene got married at Logan Schoals Vista Point, in Nevada.  The weather was pretty miserable but it made for some interesting photos.  During their ceremony is was raining on us and my lens was covered in rain drops.  For the most part all the shots still came out sharp and in focus, but a couple were sacrificed due to the rain.  During the ceremony there wasn't really any time to clean the front lens element without missing any of the important action.  Almost immediately after the ceremony the rain stopped and they toughed out the wind and cool temps for some photos overlooking the lake.  I put together a photo-book album for them and it looks and feels amazing!

Team China - Day One-227Team China - Day One-227


Rick and Megan

Megan and Rick got married two days before our photo session at the top of Heavenly's Sky-deck. They were in their ski-clothes and Megan really wanted some photos of them around the lake.  I had Sean as my assistant to help with lighting and we had nearly two hours with them.  First stop was Emerald Bay -- the most photographed location on the lake for obvious reasons.  After that we took them out near Camp Richardson for photos on the pier and beach.  It was so fun and relaxing having them for two hours.  We were able to take our time and get so many good shots; the whole thing was really enjoyable.  They sent me a nice card saying, "You guys have a fun nature that makes it easy to feel comfortable being photographed."  I couldn't think of a better compliment to hear.  Let's face it, most people aren't comfortable being photographed -- I'm not.  I try to remind people that we're out here to have some fun and be ourselves.  If we get caught being self-conscious throughout the process the photos won't be good for either of us.  After the first 30 minutes we all began to loosen up and it enabled us to get some great images.  Then we shared a nice drink with them afterwards and got to know each other more before their dinner reservations.  Thanks Megan and Rick -- we had a blast!

Rick&Megan-164Rick&Megan-164 Rick&Megan-194Rick&Megan-194 Rick&Megan-composite2Rick&Megan-composite2 Rick&Megan-99Rick&Megan-99 Rick&Megan-123Rick&Megan-123


Thanks for making it this far in the post!  Have a good day and stay tuned, more exciting things to come. 




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