Divided Line Photography | Summer Weddings Pt.2

Summer Weddings Pt.2

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Summer is nearly over and it's time for the second installment of the summer wedding blog.  This post features 9 different weddings that took place over the last couple months in Lake Tahoe, CA and NV.  I chose photos of each wedding based on important moments on the wedding day, moments that tell their individual story and photos that help reveal each couple's personality.  Looking back on each of the weddings I remember so many cool moments full of laughter, emotion, and tears.  Each and every wedding is unique and special in its own way and I consider the opportunity to capture these moments such an honor and a pleasure.  

As a wedding photographer I make it my goal to have fun every time I shoot.  And it is fun!  I honestly have a blast at every wedding and that's the way it should be.  Weddings are amazing because it's a rare opportunity in our lives to bring together two families as two people become one.  There aren't too many moments on our lives where generations, families, and friends, come together to celebrate the love of two people.  Some weddings are insanely fun parties (Like Louis and Monica's, and Jonathan and Lisa's) while others are tiny and intimate like Curtis and Lorraine's.  Curtis and Lorraine didn't have any guests at their wedding and the coordinator was the sole witness besides myself.  But their wedding was no less special than the one with 100+ guests in attendance.  In fact, the moment that Curtis and Lorraine had under the arch during their ceremony (led by Dave Beronio) literally had me fighting back tears while I was snapping away.  They held each others hands and looked into one another's teary eyes and the love that I saw between them was so raw and authentic I couldn't help but be moved by it.  And that's why we're all here.

​Marriage is special and we should treat it as such.  Don't forget the vows that you took on your wedding day because they are forever.  Remind yourself of your vows every morning and every night and don't forget to take care of your marriage.  Love is not just a feeling -- it's a choice, and it requires care and dedication.  I witnessed something in Jonathan and Lisa's wedding that I haven't seen in a long time.  After they finished they're vows to one another, they turned and faced their family and friends and read their vows in unison out loud to everyone in attendance.  I thought it was so cool because they were demonstrating that they're taking their vows seriously and that their family and friends can and should keep them accountable.  Marriage is intended to be a public ceremony for this purpose.  Accountability does not stop outside the marriage; but it extends to those closest to them -- their family and friends.  So we're all in this together; Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, BFF's, grandma, grandpa, sons, daughters, bridesmaids, and groomsmen.  You are what makes these moments so special!  And with that in mind I think you'll have a better chance of appreciating these moments in a similar way that I do.  Enjoy!


Marshall & Samantha


Lake Tahoe Beach Weddings




Jack & Michelle

Jack and Michelle had a 'roaring 20's' themed wedding at The Ridge Tahoe.  They had a lot of wonderful details and all the guests were also dressed appropriately.  


Rebecca & Eugene


Christina & Henrick



Jim & Karen

Havana Impressions


Louis & Monica

TananAdrian-2250TananAdrian-2250 773_Liz_and_Marty773_Liz_and_MartyCLICK HERE FOR ORDERING DETAILS SM1_1754SM1_1754 New-York-Wedding-Photographer-Caramoor-Center-CassandraJamie_0264New-York-Wedding-Photographer-Caramoor-Center-CassandraJamie_0264 160924-3515160924-3515 161107_GBlue_D750_3658_Lge161107_GBlue_D750_3658_Lge


Rob & Kathy

KAVEH SARDARI www.sardari.com


Curtis & Lorraine


Jonathan & Lisa

161029 - Marisol y Sergio 2593161029 - Marisol y Sergio 2593 Campbell S 6Mo 0031Campbell S 6Mo 0031 saschak.ch

_BJB3617 BW_BJB3617 BW


A huge "thank you" to all you couples and your families for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your big day!  

I wish you all the best.



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