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Time to Take a Hike

August 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Abstract HikersAbstract HikersShadows on a cliff wall of two hikers in the high Sierra

I love wedding photography and I am in the thick of it right now.  But usually around mid-to-late August it starts to press on me like weight that stifles the fun and creativity of it all.  So it's super important to me that I don't stop shooting other things that I love.  Whether it be my daughter, landscapes around Tahoe or anything else, maintaining 'photography-as-fun' is crucial for my well-being and passion for what my clients pay me to do.  One of the ways that I discipline myself to keep this mindset is by taking a weekend.  And by weekend I mean a Monday and Tuesday (usually) to do anything I want.  Sometimes I just rest, or relax at the beach, hang with friends, or take care of household stuff like anyone else.  Other times I make it my goal to do something that inspires me.  Backpacking in the high-sierra, for example, is one of my favorite things to do.  Surrounding myself with mountains, lakes, streams, and wildflowers; hearing the sounds of frogs echo through the night as the milky way passes over me and even swatting and swearing at the mosquitos that bite like a son-of-$&%^@ in the morning.  I love it.  I love the surprise around every corner in the trail and the way things come to life when the sun rises and then glow with an encore when it sets.  I also love that being in the outdoors encourages me to wake up before sunrise -- something my soft bed at home won't allow me to do.  But I hate mosquitos.

Here's a little sample of what I'm talking about (Change the quality to HD -- bc it's worth it): 

There is a stigma, though, with taking time off.  Especially, maybe, for small business owners/sole proprietors like myself because the work is never done.  I've never checked off a to-do list and had nothing left to do.  The work is always there.  Always.  I've had to come to this point where I can be comfortable with never having a clean slate.  Even if the slate is relatively clean it is more the feeling that the work is never done that I'm talking about.  The feeling is real and it can feel like a monster on my back if it's not managed by deep breaths and a realization that there are more important things in my life than work.  
Here's a short list of more important things in life than work:

  1. Family/friends
  2. Healthy living (good food, exercise, Living with less stress, etc.)
  3. God  (This one is more personal but very helpful for me to remember.  The important part about it that could be helpful to anyone is to know the part in the bible where God created everything and on the 7th day rested from his work -- Which is where we get the sabbath, our day of rest, and a gift from God for our benefit).  

I believe that if we don't take the time to rest, to enjoy life and the fruits of our labor, we will literally drive ourselves to the grave.  And life is just too short for that isn't it?

Here's some pretty pictures of what I've enjoyed recently...enjoy :).

Milky Way over Bonsai RockMilky Way over Bonsai RockLake Tahoe, NV Lake Aloha Sunset BurstLake Aloha Sunset Burst Aloha Star ReflectionsAloha Star Reflections Aloha Lake CampAloha Lake CampBackpacker with a headlamp under the stars in Desolation Wilderness

LkAloha-735LkAloha-735 TwinLakes-54TwinLakes-54 TwinLakes-59TwinLakes-59 TwinLakes-68TwinLakes-68 TwinLakes-107-HDRTwinLakes-107-HDR TwinLakes-147TwinLakes-147 TwinLakes-80-PanoTwinLakes-80-Pano TwinLakes-602TwinLakes-602 TwinLakes-614-HDRTwinLakes-614-HDR TwinLakes-625-HDRTwinLakes-625-HDR TwinLakes-657-EditTwinLakes-657-Edit TwinLakes-680TwinLakes-680 TwinLakes-687-HDRTwinLakes-687-HDR

I have a number of these photos, and more, for sale in my landscapes gallery.  Prices are competitive and large prints bring any room to life.  Throw one in your office to keep you inspired during all those dull moments answering emails and such.  Please contact me in advance for questions, tips, and/or suggestions on what would look best for your space.  Then get out of the office and enjoy some time outdoors, with your family and with your friends; The office isn't going anywhere :).








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